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The map below shows Crosby Ravensworth’s proximity to the Lake District National Park and to the M6 and A66. Inclusion within a National Park will bring more tourists and visitors to the area. Crosby Ravensworth is at the centre of a network of paths and is close to the Coast to Coast Walk (less than 1 mile).

The Cumbrian villages of Crosby Ravensworth, Maulds Meaburn, Kings Meaburn and Reagill are the main settlements within the Lyvennet valley.  All four villages are linear settlements, with the Pennines on one side and the Lakeland Fells on the other. Each settlement possesses its own distinctive character and charm. Needless to say the Lyvennet valley is named after the river that flows through it from its source on Crosby Ravensworth fell. The four villages and surrounding rural area fall within the two Parishes of Crosby Ravensworth and Kings Meaburn.


The villages have a number of holiday lets and bed and breakfast businesses with guests benefiting from the unspoilt scenery, the myriad of paths and local wildlife in an area of outstanding beauty, relatively unknown and just outside the National Park.

The area has a range of community facilities with Crosby Ravensworth’s village hall and chapel community room being the most popular venues for recreational activities.  There are also village halls in Reagill, Kings Meaburn and in Maulds Meaburn. Two post offices remain, one in Kings Meaburn and one in Maulds Meaburn both with restricted opening hours.  

There are two religious buildings in the area, St Lawrence’s C.of E church also known as the ‘Cathedral of Westmorland’ and the Methodist Chapels in Crosby Ravensworth and Kings Meaburn.

Ariel photographs of Crosby Ravensworth courtesy of  © Simon Ledingham

The Lyvennet Valley and its villages are easily accessible from the M6 at Junctions 38 (7 miles) and 39 (5 miles) and from the A66 at Appleby (8 miles).


The aerial photographs kindly reproduced with permission of photographer, Simon Ledingham. Further of his photographs can be accessed on the Visit Cumbria website at

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